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Gambling Online

Some U.S. states now allow real money gambling online. For example, at WSOP.com, if “you are 21+ and physically located in the state of New Jersey” then you are eligible to play in their real money games. Residents of other states will have to stick with playing “for fun.”

There are many online poker sites but not all are legal gambling sites for residents of the United States. U.S. banks won’t fund gambling for off-shore sites but that doesn’t deter gamblers nor the gaming sites.

As technology overtakes just about any other form of entertainment, it’s easy to see why many poker players prefer to play online. A few of the pluses of online poker include: no driving (a real plus with today’s high cost of gasoline); no tipping (and no having to look like the cheapskate for not handing over a $20 chip for a “free” drink); quicker play and more hands (set your own pace, play as fast as you wish, as many or as few games as you want); poker bonuses that are easy to determine; 24-hour/7-day action; an excellent selection of games; no second-hand smoke from the other players at the table (let’s not even consider the second-hand cigar smoke); and the ability to play multiple games and tables at the same time (something you’d never be able to do in a live poker room).

It’s important to understand the subtle and strategic differences between online and live poker games. These differences are unique to the Internet:

Playing sessions online are shorter with players moving in and out of games much more than they do in a live game which means opponents change much more frequently online than in a live poker room.

In a virtual environment it’s easier to be deceptive or tricky because there is no face-to-face interaction.

It’s easy to get distracted when playing online particularly if you’re playing more than one table as well as reading your e-mail, talking on the phone, and perhaps catching a favorite television show. Get distracted in a live game and you’ll see your mistake immediately; it make take a few bad moves online before you see just how costly your inattention may be.

Because there is no face-to-face in online poker, you are able to use various poker tools that you absolutely wouldn’t be able to use in a live game. But remember that if you’re using Poker Calculators, Poker Software and Poker Tools, so are the other players at your virtual poker tables.

It’s important to stay aware of the differences between online and live poker play so that you don’t fall victim to other players who do have their full attention on the game. Theory and experience are keys to learning.

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