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Are You A “Good Poker Player”?

Poker is probably hands down the most popular form of modern gambling. With a variety of games available, the intricate skill level required, and a range of strategies to master, it’s easy to understand why the most seasoned players get involved in the game of poker.

The are many things that go into making a good poker player and most are also effective in other aspects of the gambling world.

Being a good poker player means having quick and accurate decision-making skills. Good poker players are able to think quickly, “read” the other players at the table, and make decisions at the proper time. Good poker players, like a winning quarterback on a football team, have to think quickly and react fast.

Good poker players have to be flexible, changing their method of play at a moment’s notice. Players must learn to adapt to the changing atmosphere of the table because in face-to-face poker games, change is a constant.

Good poker players know the game they’re playing. They know all the ins and outs of the game. They’ve read strategy books. They know poker history, popular poker players, different hands, online poker rooms. Good poker players study the game of poker like a craft and hone their skills accordingly.

Good poker players have a genuine love of the game and an extreme desire to continue to discover everything there is to know about the game, developing trends, and about gambling as a whole.

Confidence is the high card for the good poker player. It isn’t important only to understand the game or to have the latest and greatest strategies. Some of the world’s best poker players win because they are so confident about their decisions; they don’t second guess themselves. Pay attention to the confidence levels of the players at the next big poker tournament and you’ll see how the most confident players are usually the ones who take home the jackpots.

Poker players win or lose not just because they get better cards or worse cards than other players at the table but also because they either have superb control over their emotions or they wear their emotions on their sleeve for everyone else at the table to see.

There’s excitement and prestige in casino poker rooms and professional poker players know that their concentration will be compromised if they let outside elements distract them from the game they’re playing.

Poker is a real “people game” in a live casino, one of the major differences between playing poker online or face-to-face. No where is having a good “poker face” more important than at a high stakes poker table where each player tries to keep the other players from “reading” their cards by way of their facial reactions.

Professional poker players have years of experience reading other players emotions whether it’s other players’ facial expressions, rapid hand movements, changes in breathing, sudden perspiration, or other tip-offs. While different players have different reactions to similar situations, the goal is to determine if a player has a strong hand or a weak hand.

As one of the players in a live poker game, you first have to learn to hide your real emotions. If you have a fantastic hand, hide your emotions! If you have a lousy hand, hide your emotions! The card pro at the table is waiting to see how you react; don’t tip your hand!

Now that you’re not letting the other players know what kind of hand you have, it’s time to look around and “read” their hands. Someone at the table is bound to tip you to their good hand or their bad hand. Pay attention and use what you learn to your advantage.

Always remember that bluffing with a pair can sometimes win over a better hand just because the other player thinks their hand isn’t the best one at the table. Not every game is won by the best hand. Some games are on by the best player with a mediocre hand.

Not every poker player is cut out to be a consistent winner. Those players who are able to fine tune their emotional skills at the poker table have the best chance of more winning hands regardless of what cards they’re dealt.

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